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Anna has been painting, drawing and exploring areas of design and color for many years. Her work is sold all over the world from small galleries in the US, to the South Pole Station “gift shop” in Antarctica.
Drawing came naturally to her as a child, and she has kept that spark going by designing logos and creating artwork for friends, family and local businesses and organizations.
At 26, she launched Queen Oscar Designs, and shortly afterwards, a few local women business owners took her under their wing, and soon she was selling to bookstores, galleries and gift shops around New England and the country.
Most of her artistic education comes from mentors and friends, from her work with young people, and from her own self-guided explorations of design.
Anna continues to explore different areas of color, texture and design in her works, and continues to take classes in the arts, when time allows. She lives in Newmarket and is married to Chris Volpe, and has a son named Max, born in 2007.
Artist statement
I  have always loved petroglyphs and pictographs, and the figures that I create
come from a love of resonant, simple, but expressive design.
My subject is primarily women involved in the work and play that brings them passion and meaning in their lives. I also love to do mixed-media and block carving and printing.
I feel very fortunate to create art in my home and studio at the Mills at Salmon Falls in Rollinsford. I love connecting with the people who give my journals, cards and art to friends, who see their friends and relatives in the images, and celebrate them for who they are and what they love.
I have always wanted my art to be accessible and affordable for people who chose to buy handcrafted art, for themselves or to share with a friend. I have enjoyed how much women of all ages (and occasionally men), take pleasure in the images that resonate with them. I hope that the artwork inspires joy and recognition in those who feel a kinship with it. Finally,  I hope to keep finding new mediums and making different kinds of  art as it just makes life so much more fun and interesting!



A new venture in Printmaking: PORCH TABLE INK

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